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PloitKit is a Python based GUI tool designed as one-stop for all other softwares. I was facing these kinds of problem, when I need to switch to different system, or I lost my pen-drive. I have to go to google, and search every tool and download every tool and so on. So I decided to create a tool, in which I just click and click and tool is there. I have added more than 900+ tools in this tool, but only 400+ is available now, to test will this tool work, if it works I'll make it available for everyone.


  • Auto-Update - No need to come over here, and look for new version every time.
  • Better Error Handling - Some tools may cause error, that's why I added this option.
  • Graphical Interface - For just click & click.
  • Malware Protectiong - All tools are downloaded from their original source, so no malwares or any viruses.
  • Multi-Platform - Many tools are for designed differently for Mac, Windows & Linux, so I added option for that. Choose your platform and you're good to go.
  • Better organised - Everything is better organised nothing like search everything, and all that mess.

I believe that, nothing can't be perfect, So I added option to report a tool, or send me suggestions about any new tool, I should add.


git clone https://github.com/rajeshmajumdar/PloitKit.git

Windows ploitkit.py

UNIX or Mac python ploitkit.py

Download PloitKit